• Writing:

    We are always happy to expand our team of exceptional ghostwriters and copywriters with a passion for writing and telling stories in Arabic or English.

  • Editing

    Editors are some of the most diligent and hardworking people we know! We require our copyeditors and proofreaders have traditional publishing experience in international markets and an excellent understanding of The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, and Merriam-Webster.com.

  • Designing

    Our designers need to have an eye for commercial book design, and experience working across multiple genres. We love people with a passion for artistic designs, that capture the essence of a story or brand.

  • Promoting

    We are always looking for people to help us get the word out about TDC. Whether it’s volunteering at events, supporting our distribution and sales team, or developing kick-ass marketing and social media content, our marketing and communications team are dedicated to increasing our impact and reach.

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