Excuses, I realised, fed regret with fear closely by, holding us back, and of course, in the end, habits don't lie.

"Write," I said to myself day after day, until I started to hear myself say it to others, too. I couldn't bare to see another beautiful, talented, gift-given, world-changing person die with a book still inside. Filled with pain, and armed with passion, I birthed The Dreamwork Collective, without any publishing experience or know-how at my disposal. 


In a world that is so fast-paced and expendable, I wanted to build a community dedicated to long-term impact and legacy.

I realized, all of my years of writing, coaching, and returning home to my authentic, creative self had equipped me with the wisdom to get books out of heads and onto shelves. What I knew for sure, is the battle was never with the keyboard or the pages, it was always with the mind.


Our goal is to share the untold stories, while upholding the traditions of storytelling as an ancient and powerful way to heal, connecting us to each other.

We can heal or harm with words. A powerful weapon, they are also a powerful tool. At The Dreamwork Collective, we are committed to healing humanity by providing a channel for alternative media, diverse voices, powerful stories, and revolutionary leaders.