We want you.


Do you ever look around at your life and feel there's so much more?

You've always known you were here to do something amazing and change the world. It's an itch you can't quite figure out how to scratch; an unrelenting pull from within to live differently, be different, be all of you.

Add to that, the feeling that no-one quite gets it  or you – plus your need to always push, grow, discover, experience, and lean into life so far forward you almost fall  but, of course, never fully do – you live is this dichotomy of overwhelm:underwhelm.

If this has been your path up until now, and you have somewhat fallen, do not for a second waste another one of your 'worry thoughts', because you have found us now. We get it, and I will be so bold to say: we get you. All of us do.

In the earlier days of our evolution, being a member of The Dreamwork Collective was reserved for our authors. They got to experience the benefits of being part of a creative community of world leaders and game-changers, and those benefits have filtered out in their own work and lives in countless ways.

I have heard time and time again, how people's lives have been changed by being part of The Dreamwork Collective. I have seen our authors support each other, recommend each other, combine forces and come together to make a difference around the world.

Now, we we want to take things one step further and open our doors (and arms) to welcome you as a member of The Dreamwork Collective.

You don't have to be a writer or an author in-the-making, you just need to want to live in alignment with what you already know inside of you. You had a dream once, but it wasn't just a dream, it was a call, it was a seed planted by your destiny. It calls you, and when it does, you run, build a wall of "cannots", "should nots", and "don't know hows". I know this, because once upon a time, I did too.

But now you have a chance. This can change today. You can be that person. You can do your dream work. You can live that life now. You can change the world.

You can do this alone, yes. And perhaps you'll figure out everything you need to, and find the switch to turn your life and dream work on. But what if you could hit fast forward? What if you could bring it to life now, or in the very near future, with ease and grace, with people who get it, and the right information, support, and opportunities to make it happen, not one day or someday, but today?

This is not a joke. This is not a sunny afternoon daydream 'what if?' moment. This is possible, your dreams are possible, and if you haven't been listening to the call – well, this is it, its ringing loud and clear, and there's someone very important on the line – your future. Yes, your future is begging you to take the first step, believe enough in yourself to give it your best shot, and do the thing. The real thing. Not the things you distract yourself with and try to convince yourself are enough.

It's my mission to show as many people as I can just how possible your dreams are. You're not crazy, unsettled, unrealistic, or a mess – you're creative. You're a visionary. You have a bright fury of energy rushing through you that has nowhere to go, so it's burning you up from the inside. You've got to find a way to let it out, and we want to help you. We want you to do this, we need you to.


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You will get:

  • Unlimited access to The Dreamwork Collective online community filled with world-changing creatives like you.
  • Weekly trainings on living creatively and doing your dream work.
  • Monthly Q & A sessions with me, Kira, plus special guests.
  • VIP access and discounted rates on our online trainings, programs, and live events.

You will become:

  • The most expansive version of yourself.
  • Bold and courageous.
  • Known, supported, and respected in your industry.
  • Free and abundant.
  • A master creator – in life and work.
  • In case it hasn't become clear yet – you get to have it all – and you'll become all you were ever meant to be.


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We're waiting for you, and if you've made it this far down the page, you're done waiting and you're ready.


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We can't wait to welcome you!

Here's to us crazy visionaries, dreamers, creatives – in this moment of history, the odds are in our favour, we're all gonna make it.