Meet The Author: Prachiti Talathi

PRACHITI TALATHI book publishers in uae

Prachiti is the most positive person you will ever meet. She co-authored My Arabian Almanakh [available here] and works alongside literary organisations and publishers deploying her expertise as a translator, professional book reviewer, and operations manager. 

In 2014, she left a corporate job to work with the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. It is in this work she found her true passion and an outlet to express her unbridled passion for the written word.



Hi Prachiti. Tell us, what is one change would you love to see in the world?

It is very difficult to choose only one. I would love to see the world working together as one big community towards a better future for all. I would love to see people making more sustainable choices in terms of food, gardening, clothing, building homes and travel. And I would especially love to see schools and colleges focus more on working closely with the environment. We need this planet more than she needs us.


What’s your dream work?

My dream work is to paint, draw and illustrate artworks based on nature. I find nature amazingly inspiring.


Top tips to share with writers and illustrators?

Take it one day at a time and stick at it. Don’t compare yourself to anyone apart from the earlier version of yourself. Don’t ever focus on other artists as competitors but be inspired by what you see.


When you’re not busy in your day job, what do you like doing?

I really enjoying learning Sanskrit. I translate books from English to Marathi and from Marathi to English. I love to do things like making toothpaste and soap at home. Most importantly, I love to imagine things. This is why I’m nearly always smiling. I see the funny side to everything. 


What are you working on next?

I am currently preparing for a Sanskrit Exam, and working with an organisation dedicated to helping Marathi literature spread its wings internationally.

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